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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. There isn't any ice guard or felt paper with shingles?
A. We bring out ice/water guard and felt paper, we purchase in bulk quantity and use as needed.
Q. My shingles appear greenish in color, that's not what I ordered.
A. You may be looking at the head lap of the shingle instead of the whole shingle. Only the bottom portion is what shows (to the weather).
Q. I don't see a permit and the village requires roofing permits.
A. We usually have the required permit in our office and will bring out 1st day we start.
Q. I can't be home to give you the deposit check.
A. Please call we can make other arrangements.

We want Svaras Roofing Inc. to do our roof, now what?

  • No immediate payment is required. One third down is due upon material delivery or on the first day of the job (when we start).
  • Sign the proposal in the lower right hand corner and mail it back to us at 499 Porten Rd., McHenry, IL 60051
  • You can fax a copy to 847-639-7962. Please sign above grey box.
  • Calling our office is greatly appreciated and will reserve your spot sooner; however we cannot perform any work until we have a signed agreement.
  • Please initial any additional items you would like (upgraded shingles, gutters, venting, drip edges, etc.)
  • Please note the color on the proposal. Color can be chosen at a later date.
  • The signed contract to us will insure a spot in our schedule.
  • Please notify us if we need to obtain an approval letter through an association (i.e. your homeowner's association) prior to obtaining permit, so proper permits can be obtained.
  • Also, let us know if your home is in an unincorporated area, so proper permits can be obtained.
  • Please notify us in advance if you want a material waiver or an insurance certificate prior to final payment. (Otherwise payment is expected within 7 days of completion).
  • Please specify where the materials should be dropped. We will have pallets dropped close to home, out of way, if we are not told else wise.
  • A lot of the time we get the materials delivered "roof top". In that case, materials will be delivered on roof and only accessory items may be left.
  • Please put anything the wind could blow away inside (roof vents, metal edging, etc).
  • Please put items outside day we actually do work, or make sure we have access to those items.

Need help selecting a color (there are different ways to select):

  • We can drop off sample books (2" x 3" or smaller pieces)
  • Request a sample board (narrow it down to 3 or 4 colors, 18" x 18" pieces of actual shingle) - We can drop the board off or you can pick it up.
  • Ask us for addresses of homes where we have installed their roofs. We have 100's of homes locally done. This the best way to see a color!
  • You can go into one of our numerous suppliers in area. All shingles are on display, and their employees are very helpful. Call us for their hours.

DAY OF THE JOB (First day we start working on your roof)

Please note: Our job is very weather contingent, if you have questions about our start date please do not hesitate to call us 847-639-7952.

  • We start on most homes at 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. (During excessive heat, we may start earlier, or we may start a little later during excessive cold.)
  • We will ring the bell or knock when arriving.
  • We ask that you put up any permits, so they are visible from the road. We will tape the permit to window, if no one is home.
  • Please have any vehicles moved out of garage and driveway.
  • On most jobs, we will be backing up either a 7' x 12' trailer or a small F450 dump truck to your garage.
  • We may or may not remove our equipment (depending on the size of the home or the weather).
  • We can move any equipment upon request.
  • If you have any questions, please call.
  • We do need a power source. Often time, outlets are controlled by outside lights. Make sure at least one outlet is useable.
  • Please notify us if an underground septic tank or field is located on your property.